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about britta

Britta Marianna Laine was born in Berkeley, Californina in 1979 to parents of Scandinavian descent. Her first journey into the arts began in music studying classical piano, french horn and voice. She attended Interlochen Arts Summer Camp for 8 years where she majored in piano and french horn with taking classes in the visual arts.

Her instructors encouraged her to choose between music and visual arts and to apply to Interlochen Arts Academy. She chose visual arts with an emphasis in painting. Prior to graduating from the Academy in 1997, she exhibited her work in two individual shows. She continued her training at Boston University’s School for the Arts where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Graphic Design with additional concentrations in art history and photography. During this time she received instruction under the well-respected modern artists Hugh O’Donnell and Peter Hoss. She graduated from Boston University in 2001 and has worked as a freelance graphic designer. She continues to paint and sell her pieces as a featured artists at the Palace Shops WHRO Arts Gala in Norfolk, Virginia.

Britta considers herself an abstract expressionist. She believes that her strong background in music, knowledge of art history, sense of composition and color and proficiency in realistic drawing allow her to expand into the field of abstract painting. Nevertheless, she feels it is an endless learning process. Currently she lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her sons Zakai and Lars. She continues to work in advertising as an art director.

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